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Get to Know Us

At Super Duper Goods we have extensive experience and knowledge of branding, design, sourcing, and manufacture of products. This has enabled our company to successfully build and launch retail product solutions for our clients over a number of years. We can help you from start to finish. From the design phase through to the packaging of your garments. 


We specialise in manufacturing different garment types and we are able to work with many types of fabrics - consistently providing high quality garments at competitive prices by your set deadline. We can source fabrics for you from around the world, however with sustainability and ethical manufacturing in mind, majority of our fabrics are sourced from the UK as we aim to support British fabric suppliers and Europe.


We can source fabrics in different colours and weights, we can also dye for you to your required pantone colour. Once the garments are produced we can also add embroidery and print on them for you if you require this. We can source specialist fabrics for active and swimwear also, we can source these fabrics in many different textures and these comes in a wide range of colour ways and sheens. 

We can help you at any stage that you are at. For start up brands, we can provide one to one consultations to help you through out the whole process, guiding you and advising you. This will allow you to minimise the mistakes you make along the way and become more familiar with the clothing manufacturing process. This is great for those who wish to work in the fashion industry for years to come and help you build the knowledge. 

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